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Below are some common questions, along with their answers, regarding storage auctions.  Also, be sure to read through the Terms & Conditions page to familiarize yourself with what to expect when attending one of our auctions at a self storage facility near you.

What is a Storage Auction or Self Storage Auction?
When a person fails to pay their monthly rental fee on a self storage unit, the lien process begins which ultimately leads to the contents of the unit being auctioned off to the highest bidder at what is known as a storage auction or self storage auction.

Where does the storage auction take place?
The storage auction takes place, on site, at the self storage facility typically right in front of the specific self storage unit that is being sold at auction.  Check out our Auction Dates for upcoming storage auctions in Northern California, Central California, the San Francisco Bay Area, and other regions.

How do I register to bid at a Storage Auction?
At each storage auction, there will be a sign-in sheet supplied by the auctioneer.  You must be 18 years of age or older to bid and must have a valid ID.  The manager of the self storage facility may require a copy of your ID if you are the winning bidder of a self storage unit.

Do I need a Resale Permit, or Seller's Permit, to attend and bid at a Storage Auction?
No Resale Permit is required to attend a Storage Auction.  However, if you do have a valid Resale, or Seller's Permit, please have a valid copy available for the auctioneer to photocopy if you don't want to pay sales tax when you buy a self storage unit at auction.  You can obtain a Resale Permit from the California State Board of Equalization.  Or, if you already have a Resale Permit, click here to check if the number is still valid.

How do I bid on a storage unit that I am interested in?
Get the auctioneer's attention.  Most bidders will simply raise their hand to indicate that they are making a bid.  Make sure the auctioneer sees your bid during the storage auction.   This can be done by waving, yelling, or otherwise getting the auctioneer's attention before the unit is sold to another bidder.

Are the units sold in parts or as an entire unit?
Typically units that are sold at our storage auctions are sold as an entire unit.  Unless stated by the auctioneer prior to the beginning of the storage auction, all contents are included in the sale.  No vehicle will be sold at auction unless a DMV Lien has been completed.

How and when do I pay for my storage unit?
Payment is accepted in CASH only, and due immediately after the last storage unit is sold.  You are NOT allowed to go to the bank or ATM machine to get money to pay for the unit.  DO NOT enter the unit until AFTER you have paid the auctioneer for your storage unit.  Also, you will be charged a refundable cleaning deposit for each unit purchased.

Why do I have to leave a cleaning deposit for the storage unit I just bought?
A refundable cleaning deposit is charged to buyers to make certain that the storage unit will be completely cleaned out, so it can be re-rented as quickly as possible to another self storage facility customer.  Most cleaning deposits average from $40 to $100, but the auctioneer reserves the right to charge a higher deposit at his discretion.

How long will I have to clear out the storage unit?
Every self storage facility will have a different time frame for cleaning out the unit.  Typically, you will have 24-48 hours following the storage auction to completely remove all contents from the storage unit.  If you need more time, please talk to the manager of that particular self storage facility.  The manager is the ONLY person who can allow you more time to clean out the unit.

Can I use the storage facility's on-site dumpster when cleaning out the unit?
No, in most cases.  You must get approval from to the manager of the self storage facility to dispose of any items, from any unit, on their property.

What happens if I don't clean a unit out as agreed?
If you do not clean out the storage unit as agreed, you will forfeit your cleaning deposit.  Once you purchase a unit, you now become the legal owner of the contents of that storage unit.  If you fail to remove all contents of the unit, the storage facility may bring legal action against you to recover their costs of cleaning out the unit.  You may also not be allowed to bid at our future storage auctions.

What should I bring to a storage auction?
You should bring plenty of cash, a good flashlight, padlocks, and a positive attitude.  If you do purchase a storage unit at one of our storage auctions, you will need to secure the unit with a padlock and have a way to clean out the storage unit completely.  The employees of the self storage facility will NOT help you to clean out the unit.  You should bring the necessary tools, vehicles, and people needed to clean out the unit(s).

Do you hold auctions during bad weather?
We conduct our auctions, rain or shine, at self storage facilities all around Northern California, Central California, the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as other regions.

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